Hi My Name is Sarah and I make lots of lists.

I’m a planner. Big Time. I research, guestimate, and prepare. I’m always thinking twelve steps ahead. I’m always organised. I’ve always got everything for any occasion in my bag. I’m always on time (usually a bit early!)

It’s one of my biggest strengths. Any one who knows me, knows if I want something I generally go out and try to get it, and it’s usually all thanks to a jolly good plan.
But it’s also one of my weaknesses – I go a bit crazy without a plan, I’m stressed, I’m generally not a lot of fun. If you ever see this lady, please give her wine! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy being this way, I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I hadn’t had (m)any plans. 

I mean Hubby, bless him, took about a century to propose to me (clearly he was waiting for me to finally take down that secret poster of Darius I kept inside my wardrobe, what he doesn’t know is that he’s just been moved to a different special place…)

Anyway, so since then I’ve really had to crack on popping out sproglets and making us a nice family home. 

In fact, if there’s a major event going on in my life you can be sure there’s a kick arse plan behind it. Our last house move (3 years ago) when I was six months pregnant went pretty swimmingly. Yes, it was mostly down to me and my amazing plan. My ‘Wedding Spreadsheet’ even got applause in my husbands wedding speech, and yes it truly was that awesome. 

And so I’m gearing up for yet another major event for any family with young kids. 


A week in sunny Majorca, end of September, hopefully when it’s a bit quieter and cooler (and just a little bit cheaper; I am taking FULL advantage of term time holidays before the kids are school aged!!)

We are T minus 4 weeks to take off and I’ve been asked my wonderful other half to start thinking about my ‘Holiday Plan’. When anyone asks me to make a plan I do a little jump for joy. Seriously, I am happier than Monica on a mission with her label-maker. 

What Hubbsy probably isn’t aware of is that the ‘Holiday Plan’ is well underway. In fact it started about 4 months ago when said holiday was actually booked.

The eldest kids summer clothes from last year were assessed, his old summer baby clothes dug out for littlest man and tried on for size (we’re roughly on the same seasonality with the two of them, being born 2 years 2 months apart but little monkey is a bit of a chunk compared to his skinny minnie big bro).

 A list of required clothes purchases was made – essentials and of course cute matching holiday outfits just for fun, and because I can! (Oh they are going to LOVE me when they are older!) 

I am NOT the kind of mama who thinks she’ll get everything she needs in the end of summer sales. That sh*t stresses me out big time. I’ve worked in fashion retail for a loooong time and know if you want the good stuff you get it as soon as it comes out and save it.
So what Hubby doesn’t know is i’ve squirreled away a little bag (ok, it’s actually f*ck off huge) of holiday bits and bobs for everyone. He’s probably reading this thinking he’s not quite sure how he’s missed it… come on Mr S. I am VERY good at what I do…. 

I’ve also been hoarding my Boots points for a rainy day – or more precisely THAT day when we go to Boots for holiday stuff and buy the whole bloody shop. One of EVERYTHING. Just in case. I don’t know in what situation some of these essential purchases might actually be used, I just know I’m much happier I have them. Like I said, just in case. 

My other half thinks I’m completely bonkers, but I just KNOW this holiday will be the one when we’re absolutely gonna need that Extra Strength Immodium, Microporous Surgical Tape and 10 pack of latex gloves… 

So with one or two less things to worry about and with just under a month to go I start the serious planning sh*t.

I am making a LIST of lists. The Mama of all lists. This is probably going to be my greatest achievement (ok, ok, after making my kids).

So far, my list of lists goes something like this:

1) List of non-holiday errands to run over the next 4 weekends before we leave (we have multiple birthdays and parties coming up just for a start!)

2) List of holiday errands to run over the next 4 weekends before we leave (including our pilgrimage to Boots, see above).

3) A list of what we need from Boots (again see above).

4) A list to cross check what we need from Boots with what I already have hoarded (you’d be surprised!)

5) A list of all the clothes to pack (this involves planning daytime and night time by day, with a few spares thrown in. I’ll make lists for the boys too, hubby sorts himself out, but I’ll have a quick once over, we don’t want him forgetting his swim shorts and having to buy some luminous budgie smugglers from the hotel shop – no-one needs to see that…)

6) A list of non-clothing related things to remember pack e.g. phone chargers, adaptor plugs, speakers, little bottles of laundry detergent, stain remover (yes, I have two boys!)

7) A holiday play list for hubby to download (I’m so behind the times with music these days this will take a while).

8) A list of kiddie films to make sure we have on the Kindle so we can all survive the week away (but let’s face is as long as Moana is on there we’ll probably be ok…)

9) A list of things to do the night before / morning of – give fish a week-long block of food, throw away anything in the fridge that might go off, lock all the windows, check series links for my fave tv shows etc.

10) A list of things to go in our hand luggage – I always make a little plastic folder with our passports and print outs of every holiday booking / travel insurance email / confirmation and important contact numbers. 

11) A list of things to buy and pack for baby L – I’m not quite ready to trust his 6 month old tummy with hotel food so we’ll be taking a suitcase full of Ella’s pouches and milk powder. And plenty of nappies, and swim nappies, and wipes, and bibs, and muslins and oh my god we’re going to need a bigger suitcase!!!

12) A list condensing most of the above lists so I can do a ‘check’ as everything goes into the suitcase. My husband has the slightly annoying habit of checking things off the list when they’re not actually packed…and this is why he’s not allowed anywhere near the holiday packing…

So there is it. Me. Crazy List Lady. Laid bare for everyone to see. I know most of my posts are a little bit tongue in cheek but this is actually what I do. This is me. 

I’d like to know I’m not the only one out there with the super-list-making ability/affliction* [*delete as applicable] and I’m sure my husband would like to know there’s some other men out there who are eligible to join his new support group (which I have affectionately named HADWWWMFLOL, or if you prefer, Husbands.And.Dads.With.Wives.Who.Make.F*cking.Loads.Of.Lists. Yeah, it’s got a nice ring to it hasn’t it…?

So, whether you praise or pity me, rest-assured in a months time I’ll be at Stansted at 6am with a breakfast baguette and a coffee contented that I have what I need to survive the next week away in sunnier climes with the Sedat men.


Oh sh*t I forgot the list of things I need to buy from duty free. 

Better scribble that one down now whilst I remember…

1. Gin

2. More Gin





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