When Monica suggested to Chandler that they make their anniversary presents, of course, she didn’t anticipate how hard it was gonna be (everyone loves a Friends reference, so I hope I haven’t lost you here already…)

But fear not, here’s a relatively cheap and easy idea on how to make an awesome birthday or Christmas present for a toddler / pre-schooler – no sock bunnies in sight!

We (me and hubby) managed to put this together in about an hour too, so it’s not gonna take up all your Netflix binge watching time either (though WHAT to watch after Stranger Things I just don’t know).

This project was adapted from an idea I had originally seen on Pinterest, so I’d better credit them here:

First I’ll start off with the what to buy checklist 

✔️Billy Bookcase from IKEA (we opted for the cheapest white finish but they have lots of colour options if you want to spend a bit more. Cheapest option was £25

✔️Wooden dowel, unfinished wood, 100cm, roughly £1 from B and Q

✔️Tester paint pot, for the dowel, colour of your choice £1.50

✔️Wallpaper sample for back board – free, ask to take some from the sample rail in store (An awesome Superheroes print from B and Q in this example)

✔️Baskets (optional) £4 from Ikea here

✔️ Mirror tiles (optional) £4 Ikea

Also good to have: a couple of screws, all purpose adhesive, paintbrush, small saw, spirit level, electric drill. 

Now for the fun part!

1. First paint the dowel in your colour of choice, I used matt black 

2. Assemble the main frame surround of the bookcase – no back or shelves at this point

3. Cover the back board in your choice of wall paper. I used a general all purpose adhesive. Cut the paper bigger than the board so you can fold over the edges for a neat finish

4. When dried (minutes!) slide the back board into the bookcase as per the instructions. 

5. Measure the width of the wardrobe and cut the painted dowel to size with a saw.  Attach with a couple of screws.

6. Add one or two shelves at your chosen height, as per the Ikea instructions. I used one shelf at a height so my baskets could be accessed easily.

7. Add mirror tiles – these just stick on with the adhesive stripe provided

8. Now add the fun bits! I scoured Amazon for some relatively cheap dress up options and accessories but we’ll definitely build on his collection over the next year! 

I can’t wait to see our ‘Threenagers’ reaction to this on his birthday! 
(Or should I say I really hope he doesn’t take one look at it and then ask where his PJ Masks Headquarters playset is…)

I guess if all else fails it will make a good overflow wardrobe for all the clothes that seem to magically appear after mummy takes a trip into H & M…

Have fun making this for your little ones and please tag me in your makes so I can see how other people interpret this idea! 

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